Exposure Spot Me SoS Strobe – Red

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A miniature waterproof Spot-Me Strobe means sailors, paddlers and surfers can quickly and easily attract attention if they are in difficulty. In broad daylight in the sea it is incredibly difficult to spot a person in waves, even from a few boat lengths away. Exposure’s high intensity red light mimics a flare and is easily activated. The red SOS strobing light increases your chances of being spotted and rescued more quickly if you are separated from your board or stuck with a damaged, upturned dinghy.

In the box:

  • Spot-Me R Strobe
  • CR123 battery
  • Storage holster
  • Lanyard
  • User guide

Exposure Float-On Specification

  • Maximum Lumens 80
  • Power modes (Lumens) 80
  • Runtimes (hours) 5
  • Weight (grams) 35
  • Dimensions (mm) 50 x 24
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Port Solent