Plastimo Melamine Mugs 29Cl

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Plastimo Melamine Mugs 29Cl

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Size: Mug
Colour: Bluerope

Highly resistant to shocks and scratches. Models in toughened glass are three times more shock resistant than any standard toughened glass products and one and a half times more shock resistant than any other melamine product. Thanks to its total resistance to scratches and ageing, the Schooner tableware retains its original beauty and shine even after several seasons at sea. Unalterable design. Completely hygienic. Toughened glass is non-porous and eliminates any risk of bacteria developing. Retains the heat. Space saving. The specific design of the Schooner range allows for easy stacking with therefore reduced storage space and perfect stability.Not affected by heeling. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Environment friendly: it can be recycled indefinitely without harming the environment.
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