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Antal XT Self Tail Winches

£ 499.95


The Antal Two-Speed (Direct, Reduced) XT Series Winch features the new self-tailing XT system, a differentiated drum knurling grip, a CNC machined base and skirt, stainless steel central rod, a PVD-finished low friction axle and a stainless steel roller bearing with nylon casing.


  • The Self Tailing XT System has a fixed upper disk with built in ST arm and self regulating lower disk on springs.
  • The Chrome-Plated version drum is highly polished, thickly nickel-plated and finally finished in chrome.
  • This self-tailing winch adapts automatically to a wide range of rope diameters and, if overloading occurs, releases the line to avoid excess force on the ST arm.
  • Knurling: The drum vertical knurling offers maximum horizontal friction allowing the rope ‘slide’ upwards.
  • CNC Base: Machined by CNC (Computer Numeric Control machines) is lighter and stronger than normal castings.
  • Aluminum Base
  • Hard black anodized and Teflon coated.
  • Easy removal from the winch makes maintenance a simple affair.
Part Number
Size / Colour
Port Solent
XT16.2 / Aluminium