Triggernaut Dawn Sunglasses

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Triggernaut Dawn Polarized Sunglasses

High flexibility and a modern fit characterize the model Dawn. Due to the slimmer design, the Dawn is perfect for those with smaller facial features. 

On the water, in snow or on the road, TRIGGERNAUT Polarized Lenses provide exceptional sight. Due to the ingrained polarizing filter, the lenses absorb 99,9 % of reflected glare attacks from flat, smooth and shiny surfaces. Meaning, the lenses are letting through only the colors your eyes can perceive. Colors are deeper, more saturated with heightened contrast and depth perception for exceptional visual acuity comfort

TRIGGERNAUT products are built with quality in mind. We do not compromise when it comes to choosing the right material. The frames are made out of a light, highly flexible and shatterproof high performance polyamide TR 90, which features a high portion of nylon fiber. Frames manufactured out of TR 90 are designed for extreme durability and flexibility. These frames can withstand significant impact, which can protect the wearer against eye injuries.

All TRIGGERNAUT lenses are made out of shatterproof polycarbonate, proven to survive major impacts and protect the eyes.

TRIGGERNAUT sportsglasses are available in different frame shapes and curvatures that have been specifically developed to guarantee the perfect fit for various applications and wearers.

Protective eyewear is beneficial to those exposed to ultraviolet radiation, especially on the water or snow. UV radiation emitted by the sun is invisible to the human eye yet it can severely damage the eyes and cause incurable injuries, even on the cloudiest of days. Clouds do not block UV radiation. In most cases, UV radiation damages the eyes over time so that you do not actually feel it right away. TRIGGERNAUT sportsglasses protect the eyes against both UVA and UVB rays.

Every water sportsman has surely encountered the same problem: water splashing on your sunglasses. The TRIGGERNAUT sportsglasses are equipped with hydrophic lenses. Similar to the state-of-the-art lotus effect, the water easily drips off and simultaneously removes residue on the lenses resulting in a clearer view. This feature also makes the sportsglasses easier to clean.

You know glasses are low-quality sunglasses when wearing them causes a headache. This is a result of the visual distortion from non-prismatic lenses. For sportsglasses, especially those with a sportive curvation, TRIGGERNAUT features prismatic lenses, which prevent distortion of the objects and ensures accurate sight compared to conventional lenses.

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