Mastervolt Portable Battery Charger

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Mastervolt Portable Battery Charger




The battery charger Mastervolt EasyCharge Portable provides the energy cells on board with the necessary charging current. This battery charger for Gel, AGM and wet batteries is intended for the use on-the-go on small boats. Its case is sealed and meets IP65 making it water jet and splash-water resistant making it perfect for rough conditions aboard. Suitable for 6 and 12 Volt systems it provides up to 1.1A or up to 4.3A charging current. The battery's charging status can be monitored at any time via the display (integrated into housing). This is also where charging modes for the different battery types can be set. It comes with two connection cables of around 1.2 meter length. Cable lugs or alligator clips come with it.
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