Sterling Pro Sport Charger

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The ProSport PFC is Sterling’s answer to a truly global and waterproof battery charger. It combines the latest technology found in Sterling’s ProCharge U with an aluminium extruded case which is fully waterproof (IP68).

Power Factor Correction (PFC) – is the latest technology and offers many advantages over the older non-PFC chargers

Features of Power Factor Correction Primarily, the ProSport PFC can handle both 110V and 230V AC input with a frequency range of 40-70Hz. This allows the unit to be used anywhere in the world, hence, ‘truly global’.

Secondarily, PFC reduces current waste through the device. This results in less energy waste via heat and noise resulting in an efficiency increase of 40%. It’s therefore environmentally friendly as much less power is taken from the power source to achieve the same charging results.

Aquanautic 8 PFC 1 output 8A / 12V

Aquanautic 8 PFC 2 output 8A / 12V – 4A / 24V

Aquanautic 12 PFC 1 output 12A / 12V

Aquanautic 12 PFC 2 12A / 12V – 6A / 24V

Aquanautic 20 PFC 1 output 20A / 12V

Aquanautic 20 PFC 2 output 20A / 12V – 10A / 24V

Aquanautic 20 PFC 3 output 20A / 12V – 10A / 24V – 6.6A / 36V

Principle Features:
Selectable for max performance.
Fully waterproof IP68, Ideal for boats exposed to splash or wash down.
Both pos and neg. are fully isolated, enables 12V or 24V charging.
Adaptive charging ensures max charge in the batteries.
Extruded aluminum housing.
Dynamic thermal output control.
LED power and charge indicators.
Built in protection distributed ondemand.
4 stage charging algorithms.
Pre-wired waterproof loom for easy installation.
Pre-fused and gold plated terminals.
Ignition protected, ideal for all boats.
Available in 1, 2, or 3 isolated output models.
Power Factor Corrected – 100-270 V A/C auto 40-70 Hz -Corrected – 100-270 V A/C auto 40-70 Hz

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Port Solent