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Our website, mail order and click & collect business will remain fully operational. 
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Claim up to £400 cashback on a B&G Vulcan chartplotter when purchased with any qualifying accessories or charts. See accessories below.



Campaign runs from 1st September 2020 – 31st October 2020, all claims must be received by 15th December 2020.

Claim can be made from 28 days following purchase to close of campaign (to 15th December 2020).


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Qualifying Electronic Accessories

000-14540-001 HALO20, B&G, RADAR
000-14539-001 HALO20+, B&G, RADAR
000-11674-001 ForwardScan™ XDCR kit

000-13335-001 NAC-2 CORE PACK
000-13336-001 NAC-3 CORE PACK
000-13337-001 NAC-2 VRF CORE PACK
000-13338-001 NAC-3 VRF CORE PACK
000-11087-001 10/10HV Display
000-11088-001 20/20HV Display for H5000/Triton
000-11089-001 30/30HV DISPLAY PACK, TRITON/H5000
000-13963-001 NAIS-500 + NSPL-500 + GPS-500 + N2K
000-13609-001 NAIS-500 WITH GPS-500
000-13612-001 NSPL-500
000-14492-001 VHF MARINE RADIO,DSC,V20S
000-14471-001 VHF MARINE RADIO,DSC, AIS-RX,V60
000-14538-001 HALO24,B&G,24",RADAR
000-12607-001 PRECISION-9 COMPASS
000-12302-001 SonicHub 2
000-14390-001 WS320 Wireless Wind Sensor
000-14391-001 WS310 Wind Sensor

Qualifying Charts

M-EW-Y226-MS UK & Ireland
M-EN-Y299-MS Baltic Sea & Denmark
M-EN-Y300-MS North Sea & Denmark
M-EM-Y076-MS South-West European Coasts
M-EW-Y227-MS North-West Europe Coasts
M-EW-Y228-MS West Europe Coasts

M-EN-Y050-MS Continental North Europe
M-EN-Y055-MS Continental Baltic Sea
M-EW-Y060-MS Central & West Europe Continental
M-EM-Y045-MS Southern Europe Continental

M-EM-Y120-MS Black Sea & Sea of Azov
M-EM-Y128-MS Aegean Sea & Sea of Marmara
M-EM-Y141-MS West Mediterranean
M-EM-Y143-MS Central Mediterranean
M-EM-Y153-MS Adriatic & Ionian Seas
M-EN-Y068-MS Central European Lakes
M-EN-Y080-MS Germany Inland
M-EN-Y270-MS Malmoe – Valdermarsvik
M-EN-Y309-MS Gulf of Finland & Aaland Archipelago
M-EN-Y325-MS Finland Lakes
M-EN-Y330-MS Nieuwpoort to Emden
M-EN-Y331-MS Karlskrona to Emden
M-EN-Y334-MS Scheveningen to Sylt
M-EN-Y336-MS Torekov - Larvik
M-EN-Y338-MS Vaestervik - Soederhamn
M-EN-Y340-MS Gulf of Bothnia
M-EN-Y584-MS Fiskebaeckskil - Lyngdal
M-EN-Y590-MS Scandinavia Inland Waters
M-EN-Y592-MS Farsund to Maaloey
M-EN-Y593-MS Bergen to Brandsfjorden
M-EN-Y594-MS Kristiansund – Finnsnes
M-EN-Y596-MS Bodoe - Kirkenes
M-EN-Y614-MS Latvia & Lithuania
M-EN-Y802-MS Polish Inland Waters
M-EN-Y803-MS Polish Coasts
M-EW-Y135-MS Portugal & Galicia
M-EW-Y235-MS French Inland
M-EW-Y311-MS Madeira, Azores and Canary Islands
M-EW-Y319-MS English Channel to River Humber
M-EW-Y321-MS Irish Sea & Bristol Channel
M-EW-Y333-MS Ireland West & South West Coasts
M-EW-Y324-MS North Channel to Firth of Forth
M-EW-Y326-MS Montrose to Ramsgate
M-EW-Y334-MS UK & Inland Waters
M-AF-Y209-MS South-East Africa
M-NA-Y065-MS The Caribbean & Central America
M-AF-Y219-MS Mauritius & Reunion Islands

M-EW-Y619-MS English Channel to River Humber
M-EW-Y624-MS N Channel to Firth of Forth 


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